Friday, November 7, 2008

Scan at 28 weeks

It's time to visit our son again! We only get a peek at him every 4 weeks - as if he's in boarding school. It's always a treat and we always hope to get a look at his face and his expressions.

Unfortunately, he was sleeping today with his face towards my back and both his arms up on each side of his head. So no photograph of his face today. We tried to give him a poke or two but he wouldn't budge. In the end, Dr Chan said, "Since I can't give you a 3D shot of his face, I'll give you a 3D shot of his birdie." Hah hah!

So here it is, in all its glory... the only pornographic thing I'll ever publish...

Another interesting shot - our baby has already got hair!

Baby's statistics show that his growth is on track and he has long legs. He is 1.225 kg. Best news of all is that he has turned head-down, just as Dr Chan predicted he would.


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