Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scan at 20 weeks

Time to go and see our baby again!

Today we got the printout of the amniocentesis results - all is well. Also got the thalessemia test results printouts - we are both fine, no thalessemia. I have pregnancy related anaemia, which Dr Chan says is caused by dilution of the blood in my system and is perfectly fine. We asked him if I need to take any supplements or do anything and he said no.

My weight gain this time is within Dr Chan's recommendation, so he's happy and so am I. Baby is estimated to be 361 g, which is slightly above the average for this stage. Ultrasound scan shows baby is sleeping and he didn't want to look at us, so we couldn't see his face.

Dr Chan mentioned that we need not do the detailed scan for abnormalities. He said that if he picked up anything suspicious he would send us for the scan but so far so good. Also, if there was anything 'wrong', it can be fixed after delivery. Still, if we really want to, we can still have the scan done and if so, he recommends that we get it done by Dr TC Chang at Thomson Medical Centre. However, we decided not to do the scan.


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