Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shopping for baby!

After our gynae appointment, we went to the baby fair at Takashimaya and picked up a few things.

We bought:
- 4-in-1 Rocio cot, with a musical mobile, one bedding set and one coconut fibre mattress.
- a baby monitor (Baby Farlin)
- Pigeon Rapid Steam Steriliser bundled with bottle/food warmer, Newborn Starter Set and some extra bottles.
- two Anakku waterproof mattress pads
- a packet of Anakku diaper fasteners

Didn't want to pick up stuff like clothes, diapers and towels at this stage because they will just be collecting dust until baby is out. Also didn't want to have to keep small stuff like baby cream, wipes, etc for so long. Need to get a breast pump and car seat but putting these off till later. So I guess that's all for now.


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