Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend update

After Ryan's violin class on Saturday, we met up with Shann's and Alicia's families for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen at Forum the Shopping Mall. Ryan was, as always, overjoyed to be with Brayden and Rou Ern. 

After that, we didn't do much else. We spent the rest of the day at home. When we drove out for dinner, both the littles fell asleep in the car so we went to the drive-thru at KFC and ate our dinner in KFC's carpark. I wish I could say that it was romantic but it was motivated solely by practicality.

The next day, Sunday, Richard and Ryan went for Ryan's swimming class, which is his last for this term/this year. After that, they went for Shichida. Rachel and I had our own plans. We attended a mummies' gathering in Punggol. About 10 mummies were there with their June/July 2012 babies. We had been chatting online for some time and it was nice to finally put names to faces. We also conducted a gift exchange but I haven't opened the gift that we got - I'm waiting for Christmas! If I'm not wrong, I think it was contributed by Jennifer, who is the owner of Sweet Angel Closet, selling products and personalisation services for babies and children. She generously sponsored and made a personalised bib for each of the babies. Look - pretty, isn't it?

If you're curious, Rachel is wearing a kimono style singlet top in lime wash and samurai pants in lavender, both from Cheeky Britches (available at Takashimaya).  

In the evening, we took the littles out for a bit of Christmas shopping and dinner at Sabai in Ngee Ann City. There was a good crowd in the mall but we were lucky enough to (1) find a sweet parking spot right next to the lifts; (2) pick up our purchases without enduring any long and torturous queues; and (3) get into Sabai without having to make a reservation. A good outing. Ryan went to bed right after we got home, while Rachel stayed up a little and played with Richard and me. And that was the end of our weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi I love your blog. It's interesting reading on activities you plan for your children and the love you have for them. Your blog is also a trove of info for SAHM like me. Thank you.

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